Ag Leader offers a full range of GPS options for steering, field prep, variable rate, guidance, mapping and more.

The GPS 6000 and GPS 6500 systems, as well as the GPS 6500 base station, provide accuracy, repeatability, range and simplicity.

RTK Network

Great savings that make sense with an RTK Network subscription basestation service.

The use of a basestation at a fraction of the cost of one that is based in the iCloud.


Combining the best in brands agricultural technologies, to offer a complete modern robust range of farming solutions to our customers with our extensive experience and service support.

GPS - Data mgt - Seeding - Harvest

Ag Leader has not only leads agriculture into the age of precision, it has changed the way farmers manage their operations.

Providing tools allowing farmers to gather and analyze the highest quality, most actionable data possible.

  • Differential corrections include RTK, TerraStar-D and WAAS/EGNOS.
  • GLONASS standard.
  • Outputs simulated radar speed.
  • Up to 20 Hz (6500) or 10 Hz (6000) output.
  • GLIDE -improved accuracy without subscription.
  • Increased signal uptime provided by standard StableLocâ„¢ technology.
  • LED diagnostics for at-a-glance system monitoring.
  • Simple transferrable repeatable mounting.
  • Sealed, compact, rugged design.

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Great Savings that make sense


Subscribtion basestation service

Smartagri Basestation benefits
  • RTK Coverage
    You get 99% coverage all the time
  • RTK Ready to Go
    With remote access you are ready to go in seconds
  • RTK Security
    No Anti-theft Security needed
  • RTK Coverage
    All RTK data direct from the iCloud
  • All you need is your receiver & wifi.
    All you need is your receiver & wifi
  • You get a basestation
without the cost of one.
    You get a basestation without the cost of one.
Talk to us on - +353.87.6862136 about your needs.

PlantsystemsTop Brand Agri Machinery & Servicing

Lindner tractors, JAC Forklifts and Atzlinger Airbrake systems and Agri Farm parts & services

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Lindner Tractor

Lindner TractorsA new generation of Tractors

Offering tractors ranges in the Geotrac an Lintrac series

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SmartSoilVeris Technology & U3 sensors

Mapping a field with U3 enables roadmapping the variable treatments of that field to full potential.

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